14.12 Challenge Update 19

I got 8 hours sleep and I’m ready to take on life again.

So far, this months challenge:

  • No Sugar
  • Dice Workout

Is not coming together nicely, there have been days that I just had to take in sugars. Like when we ate out, the meal had a free iced-tea which was obviously pre-mixed. And coming from a family who had to consume everything on the plate because my parents had to work hard to make sure we were fed. Now that I could afford to eat anything I want, my previous condition causes me to take in everything in front of me.

And my workout transformed from random dice rolls to “How many push-ups” can I do today.

So, with just 2 weeks to go, I could already say that I didn’t succeed in this months challenge.

“But I am not discouraged, because every mistake discarded is one step forward”
-Thomas Edison

Just because I didn’t succeed means I’m gonna stop, I’m still going to try and complete this challenge, but it won’t be easy. The mere fact that it’s the holidays and Filipinos always have a lot of holiday food in the house means I’m taking this on in hard mode. But I’ll persevere.


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