14.12 Challenge Update 17

Im so sleeepy. But, that wont stop me. I just have to endure, like what Anthony Robbins said, there is great power in mastering a single aspect of life.

Mastering self discipline , which I tested last month, has allowed me to go through 3 days of 4 hour sleep and do no less than 10 pushups a day. I only have 9,885 to go and I’m still hyped to reach that number.

It was around 11pm last night when I was tired from the paperwork I had to do and I had to make a choice: go to bed and make up with no workout for the day, or refuse to give in and still pump out a few reps.

Guess what I did? I did 20 strong straight rep pushups before I hit the bed.

The great thing that happened next was me being able to get up at 3am again for the Dawn Mass.

Its our decisions to pursue a better calling that makes us champions of our lives


2 thoughts on “14.12 Challenge Update 17

    1. I’d gladly go to sleep, but religious & professional obligations call. Thankfully I could sleep tomorrow because it will all be over šŸ˜€

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