14.12 Challenge Update 12

I promise myself that I will not let the circumstances determine my fate, that I will control my own destiny. I will be what I believe I can and will be, I will not be denied.

That was the affirmation of power. This morning, I sat on my chair staring at the floor considering if I should even do the days workout or not. Then I began thinking about the things I learned from Anthony Robbins, about how our fate is determined by our willingness to act on our desires and our passions. That the only thing separating us from our dreams is ourselves.

So I ended up doing the push-ups and the squats. And it felt good beating myself, and doing something I myself kept from doing.

In the end, is never the haters who bring you down, it’s yourself. Today is the first day of my affirmation, and the plan is to wake up with that oath of affirmation.


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