14.12 Challenge Update 11

I was goal setting yesterday, and work just pulled the life from me and I’m just glad I got my post on the Man in the Yellow Suit out before I crashed in bed. But otherwise, yesterday was pretty much a great day!

Why is thinking spelled like that, when it’s pronounced “THEENG-KING”
March 26, 2014


Anybody who tries to do anything with their lives needs to document their progress, and that is why keeping a journal/diary on your daily life is not only important, but necessary too! It keeps you aware of your goals and how far you changed from the last time you wrote on your book. Each time I look back at an entry on my journal I would smile, cringe, and even get annoyed at the person who wrote that page.


The example I have above just made me realize how a lot of my motivation stems from realizations I made months before.

Journal keeping puts you in perspective by reflecting on what you had done, could have done, should have done and would have done. And yesterday I just got my planner for next year and another blank journal to start out the year again, I had already written my goals, and I am so hyped to see what I can accomplish next year.


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