14.12 Challenge Update 10

If you think you will reach a point in your life where the number of role models to will have stops growing then you are sadly mistaken. We go through life with change in mind, of philosophies, of ideals, of beliefs, of things we thought could make us happy only to realize that there is a lot more that we don’t know yet.

A few days ago I learned of Anthony Robbins, a gravely voiced man I heard from an art of manliness podcast. At first I was skeptical, thinking how could someone who sounds like this possibly be a motivational speaker?

Today, I consider him to be one of the people who has guided me to the path of betterment. My challenge of personal change began with small goals in my mind, but Anthony Robbins had taught me that change isn’t all that chronic, that our decision to become a better version of ourselves is the only thing keeping us from achieving our dreams.

I’m reading 2 of his books lately, Awakening the Giant Within and Money: Master the Game.

And my approach to my personal improvement challenge had been evolving radically as I apply the principles he talks about especially with Awaken the Giant Within.

Today I’m enjoying the potshots, cherishing the pain only thinking about the benefits it will give me in the long run. This again is in preparation for my 2015 challenge I will undergo next year. The more I prepare for it, the better I could succeed with my goals.


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