14.12 Challenge Update 9

New Year’s resolution? I’ve been doing it since last year with my personal improvement challenge. Why should the birth of a new you only happen at the start of the year? It doesn’t make sense, because a lot of people will fail and of course they have to wait for the end of the year to try again! It’s ludicrous I tell you! IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER, YOU SHOULD START NOW! NOT LATER! NOW!

And now to my update.

10 push-ups. Yey! Doesn’t sound much, but my DOMS are still keeping me from doing anything intensive, so getting out these ten pumps was an achievement in itself. What I did notice was that I am now able to fully kiss the floor when doing a repetition, which I couldn’t normally do this year, so again, another achievement.

And I didn’t take carbohydrates today. Just steamed protein and some fat, a couple of veggies to, and I feel great! Though the drop in my blood sugar should affect me tomorrow, so I’ll just bump a few carbs on that day.

In 9 days on this challenge, there are a lot of bumps, but there is also progress as well!

On to tomorrow! And the Flash is airing with the Man in Yellow! WHO IS HE!? I’m putting my money on Harrison Wells, but I could be wrong.


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