14.12 Challenge Update 8

Just because something doesn’t have sugar means it doesn’t have flavor and now I’m going green!

I’m going around experimenting on various food preparation and flavor sources to enhance my eating experience, because seriously guys, a lot of things we take in actually is full of sugar. Take fruits for example, whose integral component is fructose, this is basically the carbon-chain that makes up the nutrients necessary for the seeds to survive when the fruit hits the ground. Sure, it’s fruit, but too much is still giving you some form of sugar and the effects are still the same.

Some would argue that taking fruits off your diet is a terrible idea but considering how I want to control my eating needs the experience of sweetness out the window. So no sugars, no fruits for me.

Vegetables on the other hand is another story.

Vegetables still have some sugar-chain that make up it’s structure, but these are mostly water.

Which means, a great diet is actually one full of vegetables. So I’m filling up on greens and lots of it, with various dressing-less salads. I’m putting a variety just so I don’t taste too much grassy feelings on my tongue as I eat. This doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of proteins, I’m not that desperate to control my weight.


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