14.12 Challenge Update 6 & 7

I spent the day with J yesterday and we around doing a lot of time killing, and in the two meals we shared together, I was being deprived of anything sweet.

J is cute that way,  she’s my follow through who keeps me on track of my challenge and she completely supports my goals. But damn she makes it really hard for me. And that was when I realized that I may have cheated myself multiple times in my previous days by having a piece of candy or a sip of juice time and again. Yesterday I was put in place and literally had nothing unhealthy.

Today was the same as well, I did my grocery shopping yesterday as well and got myself a good budget of food for the week as long as I keep to it.

For breakfast was 2 pieces of egg and real grey tea, while for lunch I had some boiled pork and oatmeal. Tonight was boiled pork again and green tea before bed.

And I have a new plan for my work out which will still follow the dice. I just gotta remind myself that I am on this challenge and I should be fine.


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