14.12 Challenge Update 1

The roll was 11+7 x 7. So 18 sets of 7 reps each.

Today was a failure, I was only able to do 5/18 sets, though atleast I completed all of my reps fully, I realized that my physical fitness is still not up to take this challenge fully head-on. When talking about core exercises, they could possibly be the hardest exercises to execute. Especially if you are out of shape like me.

I’ve been on haitus for about a year and a half from working out and it’s just difficult to actually get back on the horse.

Rebooting your fitness is hard, and I’ve done it several times before only to fail again and again. But I’m taking things with a different approach this time, because this time I’m involving my entire blogging network on this endeavor.

Before, I was not that confident to share my progress with anyone because I didn’t want to anyone to see my struggle, and this just ended up in failure because there was no consequence real enough to actually affect me.

So with this new challenge, I’m putting it out there. This time I won’t stop until I actually complete the dice roll.

My diet today:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Chia-Seeds, Corned Beef & Rice
Lunch: Cheese Sandwich
Dinner: None

I don’t feel like eating tonight, I just pushed a 200lbs lantern during our parade, and I just want to sleep.


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