2014.12 Personal Improvement Challenge – Unsweetened Soreness

30+1 Days to Build better Habits, 30+1 Days to Break bad ones.

Tomorrow is the first day of December 2014, and like November, I’m kicking the month of with another personal improvement challenge. Last month was a very boring Challenge, with me just staying away from my computer, but I’m telling you guys, getting rid of a bad habit does wonders for your patience, self-control and will power. For a gamer like me, that was difficult, but controlling a key habit is essential to moving on to other habits.

For this month, the computer embargo is lifted and I’m taking on something a bit more difficult.

The theme is Unsweetened Soreness. I will be doing 2 challenges, No.1 Remove Sugar from my lifestyle and No.2 The Hug the Floor Challenge.

Challenge Number 1 – Removing Sugar from my lifestyle

Sugar is sweet but extremely addicting, you can find sugar almost everywhere, in any food products. This is why I like Mountain Dew and Japanese Rolled Omelette Tamagoyaki. But it also adds a large amount of unnecessary calories to your diet with little satiation, making it contribute significantly to obesity and other lifestyle diseases.

So for my first challenge, I will remove all forms of sugar including artificial sweeteners from my diet completely for the entire month. This is in preparation for my 2015 challenge where I will drastically modify my intake for the regimen I will be following next year.

Considering how abundant sugar is in food sources everywhere, the strategy here will be preparing all of my meals for the month. So the strategy here is to buy raw unprocessed food and prepare them at home. And I will be drinking all drinks without sugar, which will be sad, considering I like a little Irish Cream in my coffee. But all for personal improvement! I will therefore document all my meals in the daily updates along with the progress of challenge number 2.

Challenge Number 2 – Hug the Floor Challenge

I’m taking my dice workout to another stage, with Hug the Floor. Every morning, I will be performing push-ups, mountain climbers & burpees based on a dice-roll as I shared in a previous post. The challenge will be an activity for the entire day, where I will roll the set & reps, and have to complete them within 8 hours of the roll.

The two left most dice will be the number of sets, the third dice will be the number of reps. So if I roll a 10, 7 & 12; I have to complete 17 sets (10+7) of 12 repetitions each of A.Push-Ups, B.Mountain Climbers, & C.Burpees within 8 Hours.

The premise behind this is the Alwyn Cosgrove technique based on the principle that 100 push-ups over an hour is better than 10 in 5 minutes. The progress of distributing a workout is far better in the long run with this method. These are also core-exercises which fundamentally increases the muscles that are the foundation of your appendages.

This also is in preparation for the 2015 challenge I will be doing. For this challenge, I will be documenting my rolls and how many I actually complete in the day.

I couldn’t think of a consequence for this challenge except for the humiliation of not being able to complete it, since this is out in the world. And the only thing worst than being pulled down by haters, is being pulled down by haters you don’t know. Updating my blog with these challenges is the consequence I have to face with this challenge.

Anyway, good luck to me!


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