14.11 Challenge Update 29

The professional life is a constant battle between the powerful & opportunistic. Everybody is either ahead of you or behind you, both will try to push or pull you to the back.

One more day! How am I? I’m feeling great, though I miss my games, my glorious games. But not enough to get me to spend the entire night on it, no thank you. I’ve been sleeping better and I got to do a lot of things. One of them was work related, and I really hated it.

The reason I started this challenge was to see what else I can do if I take out my number one distraction. This opened up my options to a lot of things, but of course work is there. After a few years, you will learn to hate the system built around your job, even if you love it.

And I love my job, I love teaching students and the whole concept of teaching. What I hate are the paper work, the extra-curricula, the bureaucracy; but what I really hate are the politics involved.

You need to be a yes man, and I hate conformity! I hate standards because they limit your strengths, and elevate the weaknesses of others by leveling the playing field. And hate bowing down to my inferiors, to moving aside people who are lesser than me.

But what can I do?

Going against the tide will not get you anywhere but broken.

That’s the thought of the day really, I’ve been talking about leaving the rat races multiple times, but the how is still not there.


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