14.11 Challenge Update 28

I need a headset! The world is too noisy and only in the isolation of my head could I be truly free.

Don’t you just hate those days where everyone around you won’t just shut up. It’s annoying and just down right rude, when the headset it on, it means shut up. And I love my headset, it cancels all chatter and keeps me in piece, and the fact that they are so big makes sure that people are aware that I don’t want to talk. With earpieces, though more subtle and portable doesn’t carry the factor of repelling people who need to talk to you.

Sadly, my red Sony’s have lived out it’s use and no longer working, so I have to settle for my ATH-CK323s. Both are fairly cheap headphones below $50, but are fairly decent in terms of quality. I used to buy $200 Skullcandies, and I thought those sounded good, but then I tried Audio-technica and I was shocked by how amazing the quality is were by far cheaper.

Now, I’m talking about headphones because I’m sure everybody has those days of needing isolation.

Developing new habits changes you, and staying away from my computer has made me do other stuff in my free time. And when I need to keep my mind to myself without wandering off to other places, I need to listen. To music, to talk radio, to white-noise, whatever works.

Today was full of distractions and I just wanted to myself. So mental note, buy a headset. What kind/brand of headset do you recommend? Please don’t say Beats by Dre, I hate those poor quality wallet shredders.


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