14.1 Challenge Update 22

Don’t let your desire for personal change sacrifice the bond with the people closest to you.

I was with J today. We watched ‘I Know that Voice’ and just hung out taking about comics and music. Two things we both loved. Anyway while I was with her I thought about my update yesterday on how I might end up losing my identity, and I was scared again today.

What if I end up giving her up just so I can focus on my goals. I’m already giving up a lot of what makes me me. And this could include people I consider important.

This may seem irrational but the last time we hung out was 2 weeks ago and that’s really long, considering I already minimized time with my other friends.

Look at Einstein, he was so caught up in his work that he ended up isolating himself from his wife (both wives). We know the story of the successful man and his empty home. And this could be you or me if we don’t make the people in our lives part of our success.

So, what I’m trying to say is that you should never let yourself be do caught up with your future that you just forget the important things in your present. It’s good to live with a goal in mind, but it’s also important to value what you have right now.


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