14.11 Challenge Update 20

I was looking at my Calendar and realized there are only 10 days left on my Challenge.

Ten days before I can say I actually accomplished something significant and life changing, and I’m only thinking about what I’m going to do next? Have you ever had that experience? Accomplishing something so big(Now, limiting my computer use may not be big, but as a person who practically built my life in computers this is big.) that you didn’t know what to do next? How do you move on to the next challenge?

I was with J today, and we were at the mall talking about who was going to get the Starbucks planner, because I was thinking of getting the productivity planner available at the bookstore, which I liked better because in everyday it had a question about what I accomplished for the day. Which is more motivating than a coffee themed planner.

So that’s what I intend to do, after this months challenge, I’m going to answer the question: “What can you accomplish today?”


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