14.11 Challenge Update 19

“Don’t get bored” – Hilary Swank

This has got to be the best advice I could have gotten today. I was listening to the Nerdist podcast and it was featuring actress Hilary Swank, and it was a another usual nerdist podcast but as Chris and her were talking the topic of getting bored got up and that’s were we get the quote.

And it made me think, that’s actually right! We spend so much time thinking about how to kill time that we become more idle preparing to become productive.

It’s really an eye opener that I began watching the times I was being bored and making ways to ensure that I don’t end up that way. I have to find ways to keep busy because every moment spent on nothing is another moment wasted.

So I better fill up my schedule to maximize my time Not being bored!

How about you guys? What have you done lately to keep busy?


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