14.11 Challenge Update 17

So my tech hiatus was a failure.

Being a computer teacher, it is almost impossible to stay away from your gadgets because they are integral to delivering my topics. So I guess, I’m pulling back my hiatus and just still sticking to my computer use limit, I’ll try that again in another month. But today, would be a productive day I guess, I started reading Eric Tyson.

And if you don’t know Eric Tyson, he is popular author on investing and personal finance, and I just got a copy of Personal Finance for Dummies 13th Edition. And much like Rich Dad Poor Dad, I am learning a lot about money from this books, and like all finance books, they just happen to sneak in some phrases about how other finance writers are screwing over readers, but not them!

But I trust Eric Tyson, because he has been cited many times by other finance advisers I follow. So just a quick endorsement, and please note, I am not getting paid for this, I just feel like these are books worth sharing, especially on the topic of personal finance.

Alrighty! Time for bed, can’t wait for tomorrows Gotham & Flash.


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