14.11 Challenge Update 14

How would you quantify success?

Is it when you complete a goal? When you overcome a problem? Or is it just being satisfied with what you accomplished for the day?

Sometimes the simple answers are the best answers, they call this ‘Lex Parsimoniae’.

Today, of all days when I managed to actually be free of all my responsibilities, I found myself idle and nothing to do. There was nothing to rush, because all the time I spend being productive allowed me so much free time I don’t know what to do with it. I went around town, strolling and hopping coffee shops, hoping to find a decent conversation only to be faced by dead air.

Is this really success? When all the time I spent working was just compressed time? Was it all futile? Could I have accomplished all my task for the next 5 weeks been more meaningful if I didn’t rush it?

It’s a question that bothered me today and the answer was surprising.

I was having my coffee at a store I frequent and one of my favorite servers was moving around cleaning tables and she just happens to apologize for looking tired. She’s a working student, cute girl, tall, and a nice bright smile. I told her a joke and told her to just keep her strength up and she would do fine.

“You’re just making me smile! But thanks…” she replied.

And I guess that’s the answer right there.

We all get caught up bettering ourselves, working hard, pushing for that form of success we long for. Only to be so barren because we leave behind a lot to reach our goals. When at the end of it all, what makes us human and the success of being human falls on our relationships.

I’m just making her smile, and isn’t that supposed to be the point of it all?

When was the last time you made someone smile? Were you too busy taking care of your busy work that you failed to greet the people at your home, to laugh with friends, to enjoy the company of others?

Today was a good eye opener, that when I got home, I anticipated J’s call, and after all this time, hearing her voice was incomparable to succeeding in this trial of self-improvement.

Don’t get caught up in the work that you leave the rest of the world behind!


3 thoughts on “14.11 Challenge Update 14

  1. For me it’s a combination of attainment of a goal and how good I feel about it. I can lose a race but still feel great about the fight I put up, for example.

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