14.11 Challenge Update 13

Check out my new way of distracting myself!

I think I finally found the solution to have clear yet still dynamic goals for my day to day!

camera_20141113230346415With Dungeons & Dragons dice? YES!

I thought about it today, since I finished all my paperwork, I could actually think about these things now.

So, I haven’t been able to stick to a workout routine lately because I didn’t know how to direct myself in such a way that I would do something solid, but still not influenced by my preference. The solution: Multi-sided dice!

For example, for my workout, I would roll 3 dice.

I would then read them left to right depending on how they fell. The first two dice, I will multiply by each other and those would be my reps. The last dice would be my sets. So let’s say I rolled: 8, 5, 10. I would do 40 repetitions of a core exercise 10 times.

This of course will lead to some very extreme challenges for me to complete instead of dumping time into my computer.

Anyway, that’s the epiphany of the day, I’m still trying to find other ways to make use of those dice.


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