14.11 Challenge Update 12

Goodness great! This day was so productive.

I got to complete my lectures, finish my paperwork and now all I have to focus on is my sleep. It’s been a long time since I got to bed without any worries of the next day, and I’m just thankful that I was able to focus on my responsibilities today and not go on and waste time doing something else.

You see, having an unproductive habit like ‘Game compulsion’ really debilitates everything you try to do to make the most of your time. Game compulsion (not addiction, totally different things) is derived from the hobby of gaming, where it starts normal enough, just one hour a day, which turns into two, then before you know it, you can’t even go to bed without playing a 4 hour grind in World of Warcraft.

And just like other compulsions, as it becomes the unhealthy habit that it is, you begin to define yourself by it. This makes it even harder to control. “I am a gamer” I say to myself “This is what I do” and 12-hours gone, that was the only thing I did. As a young professional at the start of my career, having a strong compulsion for gaming keeps me from advancing, and if I want to achieve something in my life, control over this must take priority.

And I accomplished that today.

12 days, and I can actually feel myself getting stronger at beating this! Tomorrow is another battle!


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