14.11 Challenge Update 11

Just a short update, because I’m tired as hell.

Finals is finally upon us. And for students, it’s their last chance to boost their grades up and prepare their final projects, sharpen their skills and consolidate all knowledge generated for the semester. And because they are doing so much work, they think that teachers just relax and wait for the final day that they would just draw red marks on the submitted outputs.

But that’s a wrong notion. Because as a teacher myself, Finals is the part of the semester I hate the most!

Other than the course notes to update, slides to revise and lectures to restructure based on the latest knowledge on the topic available (I read journals to adjust my syllabi accordingly), I have to prepare new activities for the final course work and create and recheck grades. Because if I fail to make activities, the students will be in the dark, and when the end of the semester comes and my grades are all messed up, I’ll be missing my Christmas Break!


I reeeeaaaaaly want to play on my computer now, and the temptation to break my challenge is greater than ever!


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