14.11 Challenge Update 8

Welcome to week 2!

What am I up to today? Well, I’m just trying to relax and keep the stresses of the real world at bay. The weekend has started which means I have atleast 2 days to meditate and relax. I’m playing Don’t Starve today, of course with a 2 hour limit still. But it’s such a good game, especially with the updated custom world setting allowing me to have a little bit easier time as compared to the default world.

Other than that, I have noticed that after 7 days of controlling your habits, it actually does get easier. You get used to withholding your habits, and you get to appreciate how strong you are that you have made it this far.

Anyway, that’s all for today’s update. I plan on working out early morning tomorrow, because J and I will be watching Interstellar in the afternoon, so I have to finish my work early.


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