Sketch, a short story I wrote in 2007

synopsis: A beloved young art professor in the community college has always been sketching his entire life, but one thing that he has always been drawing was a girl. He didn’t know her name or where she’s from, he only knows a face. The face, as fate might have it, happens to appear in his class. This is when things start getting complicated as he tries to resolve the mystery of this person who appeared in his life before they even met.

That story was 8 pages long on a folio coupon bond, Comic Sans size 10 with 1 inch margins across. It was a story inspired by Savage Garden’s ‘I Knew I Loved You’ & the Christopher Reeves movie ‘Somewhere in Time’ which had a good narrative for a novice writer back then, the only problem I had was the ending.

Because how do you end a story where the conclusion is the basis for the start?

Anyway, this is one project I’m working on right now. I just want to get some feedback as to what other people think of the synopsis. Is it too cliche? Unoriginal?

Because it is a story I wrote seven years ago, I’m not entirely sure if it’s still relevant today.


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