14.11 Challenge Update 7


1 week of controlled computer use. This has led me to increase my workout activity, increase my work productivity and actually control my spending.

Let’s go back to my first post here: [Starting the November Challenge]

The only goal was to limit my unproductive computer time, but this has led me to do a lot more than that. Remember, the secret here is controlling the key habit. Which in my case is my computer/internet addiction, where I would compulsively open my computer to do arbitrary and random stuff that are not productive.

Ever since I began this challenge, I underwent a lot of changes in my daily routine. Today’s update is a summary of my changes so far.

  1. I began reading more. Getting bored from not playing my games forced to me read a couple of chapters extra to my reading list.
  2. I am blogging more frequently. With a timer calling me out on my gaming and web browsing, blogging is one of those ways to keep me from running back to old circles.
  3. I am working out more. When my hand is itching to my mouse to shoot stuff (in game of course), I go to my weights and pump a couple of sets. Before I know it, I’m doing full circuits.
  4. I’m actually saving money. Because I don’t buy digital content anymore, since I’m not playing games, I’m saving more money!
  5. I am enjoying talking to my girlfriend again. The past few months became to mundane when conversing with my J, but in the past few weeks, waiting for her call to distract me from my computer is a lot of help. And we’re bonding even more so that’s another plus!
  6. I am actually becoming more patient. Controlling your urges does serve to teach you patience. I’m no longer compulsively acting on things, I actually wait and see what would happen if I don’t do something. This would come in handy when I’m in lines.

And I feel these changes, and I love it. I just can’t wait what would happen if I keep it up for 3 more weeks. Anyway, sleep and fight another day tomorrow.

Do you want to start your own personal improvement challenge? Check out the link above on my initial post that contains my strategies and references, also check out the ‘Challenge’ tags on my page. If you have questions about specifics on how I’m engaging this challenge, let me know in the comments below. The more people to support one another, the chances of succeeding is greater!


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