14.11 Challenge Update 6

I think I want to learn how to dance! That would be awesome.

Today, I woke up to squats and mountain climbers, and I learned that just because I do an exercise, it would be easier overnight. These are the days that I miss my stamina and strength from 3 years ago.

Working out is hard, and trying to get away from my computer while trying to work out is even harder. I was just talking to J about my problems in going through this challenge, and well the advice was predictable.

Man it out, she says. Easier said than done I say.

Changing habits is hard, you have to have diligence because it’s a constant battle with yourself. And all these years, he has been winning. The lies you tell yourself.

The false assurances, the justifications to your bad habits. He is strong, because all these years that you did nothing gave him strength to beat you back. He is armed with every detail of your past, your comforts, your routine. And the only way to win is to persevere.

He will be constantly attacking your weaknesses, and you will suffer. He knows you like to sit down and do nothing, he knows that you want that chocolate cake, he knows that you could see yourself looking good on that expensive shirt. And each time you resist, you get depresses, as if you just lost a battle.

But you shouldn’t be. Each time you keep yourself from doing something wrong, is a victory the other side masks with darkness. So don’t stop, keep at it, fight the urges that bind you to a life you don’t deserve.

Fight to become stronger, faster, smarter. The struggle is real and difficult, maybe even impossible. But take that challenge, teach yourself to fight the impossible.

Quoting Ron Artest: “Specialize in everything that can’t be done”

Because you deserve everything good that you fight for.

I’m partially talking to myself in this post, but feel free to take from it what you can.


6 thoughts on “14.11 Challenge Update 6

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading. Im doing a self improvement challenge, where every month i will take one challenge involving one key habit of my choice. Key habits are basically roots of most of your habits, and in changing that one habit you can alter multiple aspects of your life.
      I’m working on my computer compulsion, where this month i will only sit in front of my computer 2 hours daily. This allowed me to go back to the gym and keep up my reading as a way to distract me from the PC. If you want to know more, you can read the first part of this series and my other posts on habits. ☺

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