14.11 Challenge Update 5

Mountain Climbers & Tech Talk with Friends.

This is a great day! Because I started with a body weight circuit and a cup of oatmeal.

I spend around 25 minutes in front of my computer this morning, I played as a Scout in Team Fortress 2, and I enjoyed fragging people at the speed of sound. But before that, I did my morning workout.

10-20 Squats followed by 10 Mountain Climbers and 1 Burpee.

That’s it, but let me tell you, with my cardio-vascular status, that was very very hard. I had to complete that in 60 seconds before I start a new set. But completing it allowed pumped enough endorphins to get me through today’s challenge. To proctor examinations for 2 subjects. It was very tiring, just sitting there watching my students work on their papers, while I completed coloring my Green Arrow cartoon for today’s blog post.

But atleast, I got through today without even thinking about my temptations.

I spent a lot of time with my friends during my break, and ended the day with friends as well.

After 5 days of limiting a lot of my bad habits, I’m actually starting to feel good. If I make it through the week successful, I’ll make a how-to on getting through your first week of habit transformation!

Anyway, thanks for reading and liking!


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