14.11 Challenge Update 3

I was going to make a post on Green Arrow today, with the recent interview made by Stephen Amell on the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe on the way. But my drawing isn’t done yet, so this is something for tomorrow.

Anyway, today’s challenge update.

I’d like to say that things are getting easier as the days go by, but it really isn’t. Everybody and everything wants you to fail, because losers hate success, and people who achieve them. Why are there so many haters? So many bitter men? People who want to drag down those who try? Because they can’t put in the effort themselves.

A lot of people hate those who do crossfit, because they just won’t shut up about it. But showing off their accomplishments is just a means of self-affirmation, a way for them to get past a very difficult task of becoming better everyday. The temptation to slack off training, to eat unhealthily, to be average is everywhere. The crossfit culture helps those who go through this easier. It’s the same with bodybuilders, where having to post before and afters are shamed by those incapable of putting the effort.

Anyone undergoing a challenge for self-improvement is bound to be attacked by the ‘incapables’. I’m having that same problem, where talking about your new diet, workout regimen or lifestyle philosophy is considered elitists and isolating.

“You’re trying to lose weight? Seriously?”
“You’ve been fat all your life, why start now?”
“Why bother?”

And these are small statements that chip away at your self-confidence, breaking you down until you eventually give up. And I’ve lost these exchanges years before when I began bodybuilding, where after making a milestone, I was just struck down the moment I was seeing visible challenges.

Where people around me would mock my progress, calling it some kind of short-term fluke that’s bound to fail in a few weeks. And they became right the moment I let myself believe them.

But 3 years later, I know better.

Today, I manage to control my habits, and until I go to sleep, will have to fight more urges as they appear.

I’d call today a success, because haters just lost the words game, and I’m all out to win the long war.


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