Why I’m the Best Teacher Ever

I’m making my examinations today, check out this excerpt from my general instructions:

No student may leave the room during the exam for any reason (including call from parents, having to urinate, earthquakes, tsunamis, earth-destroying meteors, alien invasion or the return of Christ) until the exam is completed.

I’ve been copy-pasting this phrase into all of my exams & quizzes for the past four years. I’m just glad my Department Head hasn’t noticed it yet. I just enjoy seeing the reaction of my students when they read this part before they start the torture which is my examinations.

Because I do make extremely difficult exams. Check the instructions for one in Boolean Statements:

PART 2: DREADED TRUE or FALSE | Why is it called dreaded? Read the instructions & find out. Write the opposite of not true, if the item is not the opposite of the alternative of true. Your final answers are still TRUE or FALSE, based on the criteria given. Bwehehe! Stop smirking, and continue with the exam. I know what you are thinking, don’t look at me after reading this, you will turn to stone.

How about this one for my word processing class:

The ribbon is littered with various tools for formatting & layouting. And they have names! Can you believe that? Combining some keys will also get you some kind of miracle on screen. Like cure cancer. Automatic +10 to your grade if you can identify the shortcut to cure cancer. Otherwise, just Identify the names of the buttons below.

I like having fun while challenging my students. I guess that’s why I’m the best teacher ever. Or the worst. My students never let me know anyway.


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