Everybody has a song in them

What kind of music do you listen to? If you tell me you don’t listen to music, I know that you are lying, either to me or to yourself.

If there is something that I have discovered about people through out the years is that everybody has a song in them. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, you listen to one kind of music and I’m sure of that. So I ask again, what kind of music do you listen to?

If you were to ask me that question, I might just be the weirdest person you would encounter, because I would answer: “It depends on my mood”

When I’m lying in bed, I’d cast the rains down in Africa with Toto, or journey with the Highwayman and Loreena McKennitt. Sometimes, just the soundtrack of Lord of the Rings and Bastion could get me into the right kind of sleep. When I just want to relax, Josh Groban would keep me Awake with a light from a Higher Window, with such mesmerizing Illuminations that could take me To Where You Are. Or just a little bit of Michael Bublé, when Everything feels like Home, or I’m Feeling Good or just down with a Fever. In the end, Jim Photoglo would just convince me to follow the Will of the Wind.

Eventually I’d fall asleep, and in my dreams I’d have Brian McKnight sing me a Lullaby, or Lionel Richie telling me What Love Is, even though he doesn’t have a clue. In between Boys II Men would remind me of Aliyah or take me time traveling across Four Seasons of Love, with Craig David joining them All the Way. And while I doze in bed, I’d dream of Beauty & Madness and a Crash of Light as Fra Lippo Lippi enters the playlist.

Then I’d wake up, open my mp3 to Panic at the Disco as I realized it’s Nine in the Afternoon and worst We’re So Starving. Fall Out Boy would also get me to Hum Hallelujah as I join the Disloyal Order of Buffaloes, and get reminded of Blake when they sing that Coffee is for Closers.

As the day continues, Outkast would tell me the story of B.O.B. while fending of Shuttterbugs, as I’m wondering why after so many years Eminem is still rapping about Cleaning out his Closet.

When I’m hitting the gym, Metallica Enters the Sandman as they Fade to Black with The Unforgiven. Followed by Wolf Mother escaping with the Joker and the Thief. Leaving me with Stemm to Face the Pain and POD to bring the BOOM. When I’m done hitting the iron, ACϟDC would show me the Highway to Hell while shouting Baby Please Don’t Go. After them would be Foo Fighters teaching me How to Fly, or time travel to Nirvana who Smells Like Teen Spirit (that was way too obvious and You Know You’re Right).

When I get my Rock & Roll fix, I’d jump to some 90s pop-music with Westlife, Backstreet Boys and Nsync. I’d move forward a little with 98 Degrees and that’s when my day is done.

So, what kind of music do I listen to? I think the right answer is what kind of music DON’T I LISTEN TO? How about you guys?


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