I’m really getting into blogging more and more each week.

Just today, I have found out that my posts are now appearing in the Reader as a suggested read, and I am getting referred to readers worldwide. My viewers have doubled in two weeks (though it’s a very small number so double may not be big for some) and I am getting better statistics as the days go by.

And this is all thanks to my 75 followers who appreciate the contents of my blog. I’m happy with 50, 75 is just making me ecstatic! Thank you! If not for your following, I wouldn’t get the syndication that I need to get this blog going.

I also think changes to my approach to the blog has helped as well, and this has led to learn a lot of things about blogging and the blog community. I’m constantly learning about new tricks to improve my blog, and it’s seems that they are working, and now I’m on my way to 100 followers.

Maybe my plans of going to a full-time career in blogging may not be too long after all.

Anyway, this improvement has also made me aware of the things that I like to type about that people like to read, and so I will be adjusting my content accordingly. Apparently, there are not too many Gamers who like to read about Games, but a lot of Comic Book Nerds like me who read things about Comic Books.

I might just transition into a full-blow comic book blog in a few months, but we’ll see.

Again, thanks for reading & following! If you like my posts, I’d really appreciate a like, it makes me feel so hyper and motivated to just keep pumping out more content.


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