Blogging History

09-15-14_9-25 PMI just updated my blog cover and here I am in front of my computer typing again, and as I review my previous blogs, I came to discover how my skills as a writer dropped significantly since the last time I set up a blog.

I was just about to leave high-school when I opened my first blog: Nothing is Absolute.

I had been my school’s sports editor, and occasional literary writer along side my job as the lead cartoonist. What I take pride on is how I have been trained to write for different kinds of pieces, from technical papers to artistic literary ones. So a blog was the most natural thing that I ever had to do back then, outside my hobbies of course.

Nothing is Absolute, a title I got from Friedrich Nietzsche who claimed that “There are no eternal facts & no absolute truths.” This was theme of my blog, as I wrote about social commentaries, concerning education, politics, relationship; all coming to the conclusion that everything we know is uncertain and that whatever we believed could change in an instant.

This lead to my first school of philosophy under Nietzsche & Kant, but as I read more, I learned of Socrates and the fundamental truth about the duality of man.

So when after a few months, I restarted my blog, moved the posts to a new blogger with the title: The Lighter Darker Side. I got the title from a Christian Bautista song: For Everything I Am, a ballad about accepting the best and absolute worst of another person completely.

By my second school of philosophy talked all about that: the light & dark side.

The term individual can be separated into two words Indivi & Dual, or Cannot be Divided & Two. Two things or entities that cannot be divided. Body & Soul proposed the spiritualist, Socrates claimed Body & Mind, but in a moral stand point the good and bad in everyone of us.

Everybody claims to be good, but has that desire to do bad deep inside of them. This is the concept of sin, of the immortal corruption we keep at bay to be the paragon of good nature.

My next blog was themed over social commentaries grounded on that concept. There is always a good & bad. I discussed how morality is a lie and that right & wrong are arbitrary to the demands of the social norm. Tip the scales, shift the paradigms just a little bit, and how people view morality would be very different. I began writing about historical evidences that supported that claim, where in each era, depending on who was in power, the laws of the gods would change.

Of course, college & grad school got in the way of my blogging full time and I could say it has been years since I started my new blog: Nothing at All.

After sometime, I found it extremely difficult to write on commentaries when my head was wrapped around conducting systematic reviews for best practice in hospitals. Thus my ability to write coherent narrative was all but lost, though I still had a good grasp of my typing, & I needed to type, and this is where my journal/thought-scrapbook came in.

Nothing at All, from the Bruno Mars Lazy song. When Grenade just happened to be trending the radio stations, I already got a copy and found an interesting song, second to the last track on the list and it described how I wanted to write this blog: to contain nothing at all.

My most recent blog was more casual, and detailed things from my personal life than my thoughts on current trends and pop-culture. I grew away from poetry, short stories and opinions to focus on just typing.

And here we are.

Looking at how I structured that post, I really do need to practice writing again! Anyway, I had nothing to type really, nothing at all. And this is a terrible way to end a blog posts 😛 *why am I using an emoticon???


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