Don’t read the Comments section!

Remember my post on toxicity [1] & [2]? Well if you want a good example of it at work? Go to any trending topic on facebook and you’ll have a hard time not finding posts with a terrible tone, tasteless messages and just rude & offensive statements. It can’t be helped.

And watch out, these are infectious and could get you to join in the orgy of disgusting behavior there. So many times I found myself wanting to join in the comments because of how I want my opinion to be read, or to disagree with someone over the internet. But it’s not worth it.

When you see something controversial with a comment section, don’t scroll down, skip it and move to other topics. There are a lot of intelligent people out there with decent and constructive opinions, but the number of people who will ruin your day are legion.

Be smart, save your bloodpressure and don’t read the comments section. Add to it, but don’t read it.


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