My Library | Manual of the Warrior of Light – Paulo Coelho

ecf70ccf862f252b389d72656a84664b“When someone wants something, the universe conspires in their favor. The Warrior of Light knows this.”

Spirituality is a trait of the optimist, because despite all the tribulations one has to face, the belief in something better keeps them going forward. And that’s why people like stories of miracles, you can’t rationalize them, and people who do just call them accidents. But when you experience something so beautiful, like true love, or simply finding something dear that you lost; I don’t want to attribute it to something random. I want to believe the universe is on my side, that something greater is at work.

This kind of mindset is what the Warrior of Light taught me, being a synthesis of the philosophies from different parts of the world, on life and happiness. It’s universal, because it transcends cultural barriers and in its core is just accepting what is being fundamentally human: flawed.

The Manual of the Warrior of Light tells the story of a boy who seeks to hear the bells from the ocean, which sets him to the journey of discovering what it means to be human. By discovering the teachings of the universe, he learns that who we are and what are meant to be rests upon not what the world demands, but simply who we choose it to be.

If you read my previous post, I have discussed a lot about relating to other people, and the premise of accomplishing that is having a good relationship about ourselves first. The Manual of the Warrior of Light can give you the awareness of self that is denied to most of us due to our ambition, that we end up searching for ourselves through other people. So as a recommendation, it falls down on a simple premise, “are you happy with your life as of the moment?”

I doubt a book can give you happiness, but I believe this can set you on the right path.


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